Do you visit these websites to practice Spanish listening?

The following free resources are great starting points to practice Spanish listening.

audria is a free site where you can find various Spanish listening opportunities. Basic topics are included, so you will have enough material corresponding to beginner level. Some sessions are devoted especially to vocabulary, idioms and phrases. In those, you will find the script as well. So, you might use them to train your vocabulary.

At practicaespanol, the materials are divided into three categories: A, B and C. So, depending on your level, you can choose the audios. The good thing about this site is that the transcripts are also available. And at the end, there are comprehension questions. Each lesson has related grammar notes as well.The chapters are in news format and the topics include science, sports, entertainment, Spain, world in general, travel, health, business, gastronomy and culture.


There are also three categories at this site. After listening you can test your understanding with a short quiz.


BBC has a very detailed Spanish listening practice section. Certainly a must visit site in this respect.


Don quijote has so many articles related to Spanish culture. All of these has audio versions as well. Besides, you will have the English translation of each article.

Another way to practice your Spanish listening is to listen to the Spanish podcasts. Below are a collection of some of the best ones:

-transcriptions included-

Here the podcasts are bilingual (English & Spanish). And the grammar topics are discussed.

Another way is to listen to the radio programs. Through the following link, you can find a list of the radio stations of Spain that you can hear online:

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