Do you visit these websites to practice Spanish reading?

On hispanyeros, we have many bilingual (Spanish/English) articles related to Spanish and hispanic culture. Everything is free and no registration is required.

Visit the CULTURE GUIDE to read about the rich culture of Spanish speaking countries and increase your vocabulary with the help of articles written particulary for the language learners.

Come back often as we keep on adding new articles each week.

If you think you need more than what is presented on this site, the following free resources are great to get some Spanish reading practice. All of these resources contain enough materials for beginners.


The webpage of Cervantes should be your first stop. The reading texts on this site are divided into three levels. So, there is enough stuff for beginner, intermediate and advanced students. The institute Cervantes provides exercises so that you can test your understanding after reading.


The resources of are also categorized according to the students’ level. The good thing about the reading texts of this site is that you not only learn new words, but you get knowledge about the culture of the Spanish speaking world as well.


This one is another great site, where you can find Spanish reading texts corresponding to your level. In addition, you will find comprehension exercises. You can hear the texts as well.

4. has also many useful texts about the culture of the Hispanic world, again, taking into account the learner’s level.


Under the above link, there are articles relating to the culture of Spanish speaking counries. English translations are given as well.


If you click the above link, you’ll have an article relating to Latin America at the center of the page. On the left margin of the page, translations of important words are given. And they are indeed long and detailed articles.


Short, easy to consume articles with English translations.


A must visit site for anyone who is interested to find free reading materials on the net. They incorporate news stories from Spain and Latin America but they rewrite them for language learners.


Here is the description of the site owners: “Short stories in English translated into many languages in a convenient parallel text format to help you learn them more quickly and easily.”


English-Spanish link includes bilingual reading pages.


This site includes many books relating to Spanish reading practice. So it is a good idea to make some search there yourself. Here are some suggestiobs to start with:



You can access the The Project Gutenberg EBook of A First Spanish Reader by Erwin W. Roessler and Alfred Remy, through the above link.


Essays on some common topics such as cinema, bank, travel etc.


There are totally 9 units which is especially suitable for beginner learners.


The above link is suitable for beginners. If you feel yourself ready for a challenge they provide a higher level readings as well:


This links to the elementary Spanish reader by E.S. Harrison which includes 12 short articles in Spanish. Under Spanish-kit, there is a link to another beginner book as well. If you are in need to start with an elementary reader, try this:

17. has valuable material for learners, including reading passages. Under the link given above, there are so many articles about Spanish culture. At the end of each article there is a link called Read the Spanish Version. Some of the articles have audio versions in Spanish as well.


Here also, you can find many articles that are suitable for beginners

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